The Interdepartmental Training and Research Laboratory

Interdepartmental Training and Research Laboratory (ITRL) is a facility for conducting classes in Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical and Laboratory Diagnostics at the undergraduate level, providing practical training for laboratory physicians in courses of primary specialization and advanced thematic training, as well as the main unit that helps university researchers in organizing and conducting laboratory research.

The Laboratory is accredited by the Committee of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine for the right to conduct measurements (research) in the field of legally regulated metrology for a period of 5 years (certificate of accreditation № 32132/17). The staff of the Laboratory involves qualified specialists who are constantly improving their skills in advanced thematic training and scientific and practical conferences.

The Laboratory conducts the following types of research:

  • general clinical

  • haematological

  • cytological

  • biochemical

  • enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays

  • immunological

  • cytometric

  • chromatographic

  • immunohistochemical

  • pathomorphological

  • morphometric

  • electron microscopic

  • molecular-genetic

The Laboratory is equipped with:

  • haematology analysers “Yumizen H500 CT” and “Biobaze”

  • biochemical semi-automatic analysers “Master T”

  • enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays “Multiskan FC 357”

  • semi-automatic coagulometer “LabAnalyt”

  • spectrophotometer “Lambda 25”

  • centrifuges: “Hermle Z 32 HK”, “Micro 120”, “Rotofix 32 A”, “MINI SPINE”

  • amplifiers “Rotor Gene 6000” and “GeneAmp - 2400”

  • flow cytofluorimeter “Accuri C6”

  • light optical microscopes: “Nicon Eclipce Ci-E”, “Delta Optical NIB 100”, “MICROmed SEO SCAN”

  • Olymp Olympus IX70 fluorescent microscope

  • electron microscopes “PEM 125 K” and “EM 100”

  • high performance liquid chromatograph “Waters 2695”

In addition, the Laboratory includes a Cell Culture Unit that grows and studies mesenchymal stem cells. The Unit is equipped with modern equipment: laminar box of biosafety class II BCS120 A; CO2 incubator ICO 150; inverted microscope Delta Optical NIB 100, freezers with a temperature up to -86 0C, autoclave, double distillers and deionizers for water purification.